Good Places To Eat Cambodian Street Food that Save You a Lot Of Money

Here is the secret way to eat Cambodian street food that saves you money.
Cambodia is home to stacks of super cheap eats in the form of the many street food carts that dot the roads, especially at meal times. With an excess of weird and wonderful bites to be sampled, here’s our guide to the best to buy on the streets of Siem Reap. As you know that Siem Reap is popular place in Cambodia which attract the high number of visitor to see the amazing Angkor Wat Temple.
What is Cambodian food like?

Like in many other South-East Asian countries, in Cambodia the basic food normally consists of either rice or noodles with side dishes. We mostly ate noodle soup, fried noodles and rice with different sauces. Fish seemed to be very popular among locals as well.
Sometimes the meat in the food was very nice and tender. Anyhow, we noticed that the Cambodians like their chicken and meat very bony. Of course it makes sense to use all the parts of the animal as much as possible. We had to get used to this but still, we couldn’t understand how to get anything to eat from these bony parts… Normally the food we had was quite tasty though!
Many street stalls also sell fruit shakes, filled baguettes, pastries, corn and deep-fried banana (you should definitely try it!). For the brave ones, there is also a big selection of insects and other interesting creatures. We skipped these things this time though.
Here are some suggestion for you to get the delicious and healthy eating

1- Grilled Worms and Crickets: Unique Cambodia Steet Food
We found the worms to be soft with a slightly crunchy skin and a nice nutty flavor. While the crickets were definitely more crunchy and meatier. Either way, they are a great source of protein and unique and tasty!
You will find street vendors selling all different types of insects at the markets. They are typically grilled and sold in large baskets that might contain different types of bugs. Sold by the can or cup, plan to spend about 4,000 Riel (approx $0.98 USD) per can

2-Street Food BBQ: Freshly Grilled Squid Skewers
In a previous article, 10 Surprising Facts You Need to Know About Food in Cambodia, anything and everything is grilled in Cambodia.
Street food BBQ is quite common and popular. At dusk, vendors pop up around markets and on busy streets, grilling various dishes for dinner time.
For seafood BBQ, go for the grilled squid. Served with chili sauce, they are as delightful as they are impressive in size!
Walk around any of the local markets past 6:00 pm or after the markets close. You will see many street food carts selling all sorts of BBQ meat and seafood including squids. During the day, your best bet for grilled squid is at the markets.
3-Lort Cha: Cambodian Short Stir-Fried Egg Noodles

Lort cha is one of the most popular Cambodian street food. It is a stir-fried dish consisting of Lortwhich are short fat rice noodles, with bean sprouts, Chinese broccoli, and chives. It is typically cooked with beef and topped with a fried egg.
The dish is served with a thick red sauce which is sweet and spicy. And if you want more spice, you can add red chilies to your meal.
4-Chive Cakes: Delicious Chinese Influenced Cambodian Snacks

One of the popular Cambodia street foods you will see everywhere are street vendors selling small chive cakes on bicycles. These Cambodian chive cakes are fried in shallow pans, and made with glutinous rice flour and served with a sweet spicy fish sauce.
Chive cakes, also known as Num Kachay, are a popular street food in Cambodia, originating from China. While the ingredients are simple, the taste is surprisingly delicious.They are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. When dipped into the sweet spicy fish sauce, the flavors blend together perfectly in the mouth. This was one of our favorite Cambodian street food

Another Khmer staple is noodles, and there is an abundance of places to get your fix from. One of the finest is the fried noodle stand on the corner of Street 135 and 450, near Russian Market. Specializing in fried noodles with beef, tofu and veggies, with a fried egg on top (starting at $1), the popular stand ensures queues are kept to a minimum by operating a four-wok system.
You can find Noodle near the market and a long the road.

Balut refers to the fertilized embryo of a duck. This snack can be found in neighboring Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Vietnam, but the one in Cambodia is kept simple: instead of being covered with a wide selection of herbs and condiments, only a little ganish is served alongside the duck egg. It is an all time favorite of local Cambodians as it is nutritious and rich in protein.
7-Papaya Salad

Khmer green papaya salad is the least fishy flavored, and is pretty much slivers of green papaya dressed in a sweet and sour lime juice dressing. The full recipe is quite healthy, but sometimes, because it includes palm sugar, it can be a little too sweet. The test is one important but the price also good for you to try. You can find Papaya Salad in the 60 road in Siem Reap or in shop near the market.
8-Khmer Noodle ( Num Banh Chok)

Num Banh Chok is a kind of Cambodian breakfast or afternoon snack. Nom Banh Chok is the name of the noodles that are laboriously made by hand in heavy stone mills from fermented rice, but it’s also what the dishes made with these appetizing noodles are called. In its simplest form, num banh chok, sometimes called num banh chok samlar Khmer, is the perfect dish to eat in warm weather: rice noodles topped with a cool fish gravy and crisp raw vegetables including cucumbers, banana blossom, and water lily stems and fresh herbs, such as basil and mint.
For Khmer Noodle you can find it when you go to visit Banteaysrey temple or in 60 road.
Please take your time came to visit Cambodia for trying these delicious street food with low price.