Khmer Traditional Game During New Year’s Day

Cambodia is home to a variety of games played to transform the dullest days into a memorable occasion. Through-out the Khmer New Year, street corners often are crowded with friends and families enjoying a break from routine, filling their free time dancing and play.

Typically Khmer games help maintain one”s mental and physical dexterity. The body”s blood pressure, muscle system and brain all are challenged and strengthened in the name of fun. Why not try them for yourself?

Khmer traditional game mostly play during the Khmer New Year in Khmer language called << Bon Chol Chhnam Thmei >>. This ceremony is commonly celebrated on 13th or 14th of April each year in keeping with the Cambodian lunar calendar.This marks the end of the harvest season when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor and relax before the start of the rainy season. The New Year holidays last for three days.During this time, people engage in traditional Khmer games they play such games as the Bas Angkunh (seed throwing), Chaol Chhoung (twisted scarf throwing), Leak Kanseng (twisted scarf hide) etc

1. Bos Angkunh (seed throwing)
A game played by two groups of boys and girls. Each group throws their own “angkunh” to hit the master “angkunhs,” which belong to the other group and are placed on the ground. The winners must knock the knee of the losers with the “angkunh.” “Angkunh” is the name of an inedible fruit seed, which looks like the knee bone. Angkunh is greatly being played recently ont only at public place but also school place to recall the valueless traditional game of our country.

2. Chol Chhoung (twisted scarf throwing)
A game played especially on the first nightfall of the Khmer New Year by two groups of boys and girls. Ten or 20 people comprise each group, standing in two rows opposite each other. One group throws the “chhoung” to the other group. When it is caught, it will be rapidly thrown back to the first group. If someone is hit by the “chhoung,” the whole group must dance to get the “chhoung” back while the other group sings.


3. Leak Kanseng (twisted scarf hide)
A game played by a group of children sitting in circle. Someone holding a “kanseng” (Cambodian towel) twisted into a round shape walks around the circle while singing a song. The person walking secretly tries to place the “kanseng” behind one of the children. If that chosen child realizes what is happening, he or she must pick up the “kanseng” and beat the person sitting next to him or her.
A group of boys and girls are initiating to play Khmer popular game to congratulate the upcoming of New Year Angel.