Hey !!! i will be showing you top 11 food hacksso lets get startedlets start with watermeloncut it into half and slice it from sidecut the extra skin from itremove white skins with knifescrub it nicely to get perfect textureTip 2take another watermelon and slice it half from centercut it in a criss-cross pattern to get perfect square shaped piecescut it from sides in circular motionput the pieces in a bowlremove the remaining pulp from knife and put it in another bowlwater and winetake two shot glass and add wine and water to itadd playing card on the brim of glass with water and place it on the glass of wine and place it upside downnow place it properly and start observing itthe magic happens. . . . remove the card and wait for magicThe egg tricktake a bowl and crack in two eggs in itput the bowl in oven and set for 1-2 minutesnow see the magicenjoy your boiled eggtake a ice cream box and 2 biscuitscut from this sidenow enjoy your biscuit icecream cakecollect the ingredients stated abovemix the ingredients in a bowladd the mixture in a cup and keep it in microwave for 2 minutesadd the mixture above listed in a bowlnow add eggs , oil, coco powder and about 8-10 teaspoon of milkadd the cup in microwave for 3 minutesyummm. . . . . . . . . !!!!!!add the mixture in a bowl and then in a cupadd the mixture on pan and cook itcollect all listed items and mix them in a bowldo as directedyour bread is readycut it in pieces and enjoy eating themdo as directed aboveadd egg to it and fry ityummy egg burger . . . . . . . hungryyy. . . . take an egg remove its shelldo this trickwas that awesomeshare , like comment, and enjoythanks for watching

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